These Medical Secrets May Go Against Everything You Thought You Knew...
If you really want to... 
  • AVOID Common Mistakes That Lead To Loss Of Life And Limb
  • ​Quickly Identify Small Issues BEFORE They Become Life-threatening 
  • ​Become A Master Of Improvised Medical Interventions 
  • ​Know How To Make The RIGHT Preparations For Every Survival or Disaster Situation
...then we can definitely help you.
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My name is ...
Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan 
I represent this group of pioneers of Survival and Disaster Medicine. 
- Medical Degree from Michigan State University
- Family Medicine Residency at Beaumont Troy Hospital
- Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM)
- Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Instructor

- A true "Winter Soldier" - Former Infantryman in the Canadian Armed Forces, specialized in Arctic Warfare and Survival
- Trained in Clinical, Hospital, and Emergency Medicine. 
- Continuing education in Wilderness Medicine
- Lived in Sub-Saharan Africa learning traditional healing and hunting practices of indigenous Maasai people
- Learned how to build shelters and to trap small game from Native Cree Rangers
-Worked for non-profit organizations in several developing countries and was awarded the Lieutenant-Colonel Command Commendation for Exemplary Humanitarian Work Overseas and Excellence Beyond Duties
My Story:
After one too many close-calls during my solo-expeditions, I realized how ill-prepared I was and how little I knew about Survival and Wilderness First Aid. 

So, I joined the Army, refined my survival skills, and set off to become a Doctor. 

And years later, at an absolute low point in my life, this training saved me. 

I was homeless for five months during one of the harshest winters in Michigan.

I remember my mornings waking up and scraping the frost from my eyelashes and being so grateful to see another day. 

I am here today because I was able to pick myself up and climb out of a bad situation.

When life gets hard and things seem hopeless, you always have two choices:

You can give up or can you push on.

And let me tell you, when you summit multiple "mountains" despite all odds, you start to face your challenges with a grin...

Because you know that you can overcome anything.

I want you to experience the empowerment that comes from your confidence to survive injury and illness in the most austere environments.

That is something that I hope my future kids and family could experience too.

And that is why I'm developing these resources - 

For my family and yours.
We are a group of Doctors that collectively bring expertise from several Medical Specialties. 
And not only that, we also bring a special skill set to treat victims in unique environments with limited resources, whether that’s at an ultra-marathon, in the subarctic, out at sea, or at the heights Mount Everest

But we want to give you more than just medical education…

Because after all, if the “scene is NOT safe,” you cannot risk your life and the lives of your team to help someone. 

We want you to be able to respond not only to illness and injury, but also to the dangerous environment around you.

That is why we also partner with Survival Experts, First-Responders, and Search and Rescue teams to create supplemental resources on how to survive the environment itself!

Together, we hope to create an educational resource that is reliable, up-to-date, and practical for regular everyday families. 


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Featuring TV Survival Personalities like Donny Dust from History Channel's “Alone: The Beast", and Dr. Ben Abo who is a Doctor, 
Anti-Venom Expert, and Medical Director on Shark Week and for History Channel’s “Kings of Pain”
Other Fun Facts:

We are NOT all survival experts... 

In fact, when we are creating content with our survivalist partners, we are actually going through some really gruelling training at the same time.

We do this so that we can be better equipped at treating victims in any condition.

But that is what makes it so exciting, we are learning too! 

And we are learning from the best!

Currently I am trying to break my track record at high altitude...

...Because I've fallen into a volcano, got stuck on the top of another volcano during a lightning hail storm, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro while likely having brain swelling!

So in 2021, I am setting off to climb Mount Everest to learn more about Altitude Medicine!

Wish me luck!

Don't be the one who has to say "if only I knew..."

When you want peace of mind that your kids will be safe in a disaster situation and if want a family that can work together to survive anything, turn to the experts in Survival and Disaster Medicine.

We can definitely help you to prepare for and overcome life-threatening medical emergencies when access to modern healthcare becomes impossible!

So, protect your family by joining us, and let's get them excited about spending time together outdoors and learning about essential survival and medical skills!

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