LOCATION:  Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre at 3092 Bruce Road 13, Wiarton, ON, N0H 2T0, CANADA
5 Days of Medical and Survival Training
OCT 17 - 21 (limited availability) & OCT 24 - 28 (SOLD OUT!)
  • STOP THE BLEED: Tourniquets, Hemostatic Dressings, Wound Packing, Pressure Dressing
  • WILDERNESS FIRST AID (WFA): Evaluate, stabilize, and evacuate victims suffering severe injury and illness 
  • HYPOTHERMIA: Learn how to treat severe hypothermia
  • SPINAL INJURIES: Stabilize, evaluate, and transport victims with suspected spinal injuries
  • AIRWAY: Optimize airway for breathing
  • ​CPR: Give high quality chest compression to revive a victim
  • EPIPEN: Diagnose and treat anaphylaxis 
  • ​FRACTURES: Evaluate sprains and fractures and learn how to splint common fractures
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID: Manage situational panic and learn coping mechanisms for long-term survival
  • SHELTER: Learn how to make different emergency shelters
  • FIRE: Modern and primitive ways to make fire
  • WATER: Learn how to find water and to effectively filter and purify it
  • ​FISHING, FORAGING, TRAPPING: Effective and efficient ways to get food in a survival situation
  • ACCOMMODATION (6 NIGHTS): Bring your favourite pillow and sleeping bag and we will take care of the rest! Arrive on Sunday and Leave on Saturday!
  • FOOD (5 DAYS): Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and SNACKS including local wild game and fish!
  • TRAINING MATERIALS: You are welcome to bring your own gear but everything you need for simulation training and skills workshops will be provided!
  • ​SURVIVAL MEDICINE FIELD GUIDE: Get a copy of Dr. Tan's newest edition ebook with revisions from his experiences on History Channel's Alone show, Season 9
  • THRIVE: LONG-TERM WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GUIDE: Get a copy of Juan Pablo Quinonez's (Winner of History Channel's Alone, Season 9) new long-term survival manual!
  • ​​FIRESIDE CHATS & BONUS INSTRUCTION: Join Dr. Tan and the other instructors for additional learning and skill mastery
  • ​COURSE T-SHIRT: Upon graduation, get your course t-shirt to commemorate your Survival Medicine training!
  • ​$230 TRAUMA FIRST-AID KIT: SAM XT Tourniquet, Gloves, Trauma Shears, Permanent Marker, Pressure Dressing 6" Wide, ChitoSAM Hemostatic Gauze, SAM Splint 36" Long, Chest Seal x 2, Instruction Card

Deposit: Minimum $400 tax incl. 

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*NOTE: If you are a VETERAN, LOCAL, UNDER 18 Years OLD, or a GROUP, email for information about DISCOUNTS!

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Teimojin Tan, DO FAWM
Teimojin is a medical doctor, former army soldier, and survivalist. He also recently participated on Season 9 of History Channel's survival contest "Alone," where contestants try to outlast one another in the wilderness with only 10 items. 

Teimojin is passionate about indigenous cultures, traditions, and survival and healing practices and incorporates what he has learned from native communities in Canada, South American, and East Africa into his approach to survival and medicine. 

Outside the hospital floors and Emergency Room, Dr. Tan is a Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and loves to teach about improvised medicine in austere environments. With his specialized training in Cold Weather Warfare with the Canadian Army, you can bet that he has a disposition to the cold!
Tactical Combat Casualty Care  (TCCC) and Survival Medicine 
Dr. Tan will be teaching you how to evaluate a trauma victim, stop massive hemorrhage, optimize airway and breathing, give high quality CPR, treat severe hypothermia, splint fractures, transport victims to rescue locations, and so much more! 

For the survival curriculum, he will be teaching effective ways to find water and the proper methods to filter and purify water. He will also be leading a group session on shelter building and offering one-on-one mentorships to solidify your survival skills during group down-time!
Daniel Evan Lisk
Dan is a fisherman, outdoorsman, cat dad, and huge Detroit Red Wings, Green Bay Packers, and Toronto Blue Jays fan. He is Chief Scout who will survive ANY apocalypse but also loves to play board games and cards! 

Dan is also a Canadian Veteran and the Owner of the Great Ape Empire, a local business that supports other Veterans through meaningful employment and promotion of their businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

Dan joined the Royal Canadian Regiment, 3rd Battalion, in 2004 and served in two tours in Afghanistan as a Master Corporal. He was medically discharged in 2015 from injuries suffered in Afghanistan in 2009. Trained in Basic Reconnaissance, Platoon Support Weapons and Infantry Advanced Small Arms.
Introduction to Basic Survival 
Dan and his team of Veterans from the Great Ape Empire will be teaching the survival component of the course. 
Christopher Wayne Stoyles
Chris is a self-proclaimed "above average athlete"  who plays hockey, golf, softball, volleyball, and soccer and is Die Hard Toronto Maple Leafs and Jays Fan. He is also soon-to-be married and has a baby girl on the way! 

He joined the Royal Canadian Regiment 3rd Battalion in 2004. He then served under the Canadian Special Operations Regiment for their 1st serial in 2006.

He completed two tours in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2009. Then, he transferred to the Reserves under the Queens Own Rifles in 2011 where he maintained the rank Master Corporal until 2015. 
Chris also studied in Occupational Health and Safety which lead him to become a Construction Superintendent for a Global Contracting Firm. He spends his off time as a Veteran Advocate and volunteers for multiple organizations. 
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Survival Medicine 
Chris will be instructing with Dr. Tan on the medical components of the course, including Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Basic Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and medical simulation training. 
James Milton Mailman
James is a family man and a father of three, a home-gym enthusiast, and an outdoorsman who loves to fish, camp, and make roaring bonfires! If he's not wandering around in the woods, you may find him cruising the open road on his motorcycle.

He joined the Reserves in high school with the West Nova Scotia Regiment. Component transferred to the Regular Force in 2002 to the Royal Canadian Regiment and was posted to the 3rd Battalion. He served in two tours in Afghanistan. 

James retired from the Military in 2017 at the rank of Master Corporal due to injuries suffered in Afghanistan. Training includes: Paratrooper, Advanced Recce, Advanced Small Arms. Arctic Operations Course. 

Currently lives in the Ottawa Valley Region and Owns a Company that specializes in Custom Builds and Commercial Projects.
Introduction to Basic Survival 
James will be teaching the Survival component of this course with a focus on FIRE mastery and knots! 
Jayson Edward Murray
Jay is a dog dad, father of three, grandfather of one, and a big hunter who loves to hunt Waterfowl. He is the owner of Strongpoint Outfitters and enjoys giving guided hunts and partaking in predator control. He also enjoys sport shooting with shotguns and has competed provincially and federally in Olympic Trap Shooting!

He joined the Canadian Reserves with the Black Watch in 2000. Then transferred to the Regular Forces into the Royal Canadian Regiment 3rd Battalion. James was deployed to Bosnia/Herzgovina, Afghanistan, Botswana, and South Africa. He later transferred to Military Police in 2012 and retired in 2017.
Introduction to Basic Survival 
Jay will be teaching the Survival component of this course with a focus on FOOD procurement, fishing, snaring, and other passive means of procuring food!
Tyler Rayner
Tyler is a cat dad, golfer, adrenaline enthusiast who can be found hang-gliding, parachuting, riding his motorcycles. He also loves fishing, and water sports like kayaking and snorkeling. His dream is to become a Canadian Snow Bird who spends his winters on a beach with fruity drink getting a tan. 

He joined the Royal Canadian Regiment, 3rd Battalion in 2002. Tyler was deployed twice to Afghanistan and retired from the Service in 2012 at the rank of Master Corporal. He has specialized training in Paratrooper, Reconnaissance, HRST Master, and Advanced Reconnaissance. 
Introduction to Basic Survival 
Tyler will be teaching the Survival component of this course with a focus on FIRE mastery and knots! 
Learn how to survive a medical emergency in the wilderness.

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