Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where there is no access to health care.

Your family's health and survival rely on your knowledge, skills, and limited resources.

Crazy thought, right?

In all likelihood, you and I probably won't experience something like that in our lifetime (hopefully).

BUT, there are dangerous medical myths out there that can harm normal people in everyday situations.

And understanding some key concepts could save your life in an emergency.

With what you know right now, would you make the right choices?

Take this short quiz below and find out!

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My name is Teimojin and I am a doctor, former army soldier, survivalist and the founder of SURVIVAL DOCTORS™.

Our mission is to prepare you for medical emergencies in survival situations.
And I'm so excited to show you how you can treat illness and injury with limited resources when help is NOT on the way.

So buckle up, ask questions, and let's start learning!
-Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan, DO FAWM


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