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Forge A Resilience In The Wild That You Can Take Home PLUS Get The Training, Skills, And Community To Save Lives And Thrive In Any Environment. 

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-PREPARE: Spend the first few days learning the fundamentals of survival, building your emergency survival kit, fostering a resilient mindset, and getting practical wisdom from experienced outdoorsmen, survivalists, and special force veterans

-LEARN: When you're ready to hit the woods, learn how to identify, treat, and evacuate victims with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. 

-PRACTICE: Combine your new knowledge and skills to see what it's like to find a victim in the woods, treat them, and manage their problem AND your group's safety when help is not coming.

-MASTER: Immerse yourself in multi-casualty simulations and night scenarios to solidify all of what you learned!

-BONUS LESSONS: Learn about the local edible and medicinal plants, passive fishing and trapping, and processing fish, birds, and small and medium sized game!

-COMMUNITY: Join a family that values adventure, self-reliance, and medical preparedness. As part of this family, you will receive the most updated information and practice guidelines along with curated lessons desired by the group. 

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-TRAUMA FIRST AID KIT: SAM XT Tourniquet, Gloves, Trauma Shears, Permanent Marker, Pressure Dressing 6" Wide, ChitoSAM Hemostatic Gauze, SAM Splint 36" Long, Chest Seal x 2, Instruction Card 
(VALUE: $260 CAD)

-FIRE-STARTER COMBO (FERROCENIUM/MAGNESIUM): Get a premium ferro-rod with an integrated magnesium tinder that burns at over 2000C (4000F)! You will have no problem making a fire in the wettest environments!
(VALUE: $45 CAD)

-LIMITED EDITION PERFORMANCE T-SHIRT: Get a synthetic quick-dry T-shirt from Survival Doctors that will wick sweat away from your body to keep you cool in hot environments and dry in cold environments.
(VALUE: $40 CAD)

-​SURVIVAL MEDICINE FIELD GUIDE: Get over 100 pages of Dr. Tan's personal quick cheat sheets to survive medical emergencies in hostile environments 
(VALUE: $37 CAD)

-​THRIVE: LONG-TERM WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GUIDE: This 400+ page book is one of the most comprehensive guides for long-term survival on the market and a supplemental reading during the course.
(VALUE: $40 CAD)

-CERTIFICATION in BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) AND WILDERNESS FIRST-AID (WFA) : Get your certificate in BLS and WFA after completing your in-person training and online supplemental lessons and passing the final test. 
(VALUE: $350 CAD)

-EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: As a special thank you for being an early supporter, let us sweeten the deal for you!
(VALUE: $400 CAD)

That's $1,172 CAD of BONUSES!

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